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We are working on printing the Outline of the Tentative agreement but are experiencing difficulties with the printer. In order to get the information out as quickly as possible we are posting it on the website. A printed copy will be distributed as soon as possible. Thank you for you patience.

Our current Contract extension is valid until the Tentative agreement is voted on.

The Outline is attached as a PDF, click the link below to view or save it.


The Bonus Plan is made up of two components: 1. Rolls-Royce plc (AEBS) & 2. Facility Bonus.

                                                      AEBS maximum payout is                      $3,493.77

                                                     Facility Bonus maximum payout is         $1,665.00


Transfer Agreement Applications

As reported in the January 24th report, all Transfer Agreement applications were purged on January 28th, 2018If you wish to move, using your Transfer Agreement rights, you must have applications on file submitted after that January 28 purge date.

Click on the PDF below to read or print