Andy Davis

My passion for the Labor Movement started long before I was hired by Allison Transmission in 2010.  From a young age I witnessed the power of a Union as my father would regularly earn more pay and better benefits than most of my other family members and neighbors.  Through his hard work and long hours, my family was able to enjoy freedoms and opportunities that I am grateful for.

I began working when I was 13 and have been employed ever since.  I attended Indiana State University and IUPUI after graduating from Scecina Memorial High School on the eastside of Indianapolis.  While at Indiana State, I studied Criminology and English Education.  My passion for education and my empathy for others should be credited to my mother, a life-long pediatric nurse.  She instilled in me a core set of values I use every day.

While employed at Allison Transmission I have worked primarily as an Assembler.  My career as an Elected Union representative began in May of 2019 when I was elected as Alternate Committee Person for District 1 at Allison Transmission.  Soon after, I became involved with the Local 933 Education Committee and in the months that followed I was appointed Chairperson of the committee.  In February of 2020 I was recruited to the UAW Fellowship Program with the intent of furthering my Union Education.  In 2022 I was Elected 2nd Vice President of UAW Local 933.  I am both proud and honored to have achieved such a duty.

 As 2nd Vice President, our UAW Constitution requires me to assist our Local President and to fulfill his duties in the case of an absence.  My intention is to support both our Leadership and our Membership in any way I can.  I offer my time, energy, and ability to all our Committees and Members in the interest of supporting one another and helping to advance the goals of our Union.  I believe we can achieve the kind of success that has for too long been viewed as unattainable if we choose to work together.  It is my belief that we have but two choices, lay down and accept what we have been given, or rise up and work to make things better.  I choose the latter.