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Application For Active Member V.C.A.P./Platinum Club Form

Each Region 2-B member can and is encouraged to contribute to UAW-CAP - $1 per pay, $5 per month, $50 annually...whatever amount or time-frame that works for you...

You can do so through check-off if your collective bargaining agreement contains such a provision, or otherwise if it doesn't - check with your local union CAP Council leadership to learn how you can sign up to make these vital contributions.

If you want to become a UAW Region 2-B Platinum Club member, however, you can do so by making a voluntary contribution to UAW-CAP of at least $300 annually - a $25 per month committment.

Complete the attached form below and return it as directed, preferably by fax to: 419.893.4073.

Once you have reached 1 year of continued membership you will be eligible to receive a Platinum Club jacket, and then a premium gift annually afterward.

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