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Region 2-B Recognized Again as Leader in Gimme 5 Communications Program!

Congratulations Region 2-B!

At the 2012 National CAP Conference, I was proud to accept 2 plaques in recognition of your activism in the UAW Gimme Me 5 Program.

In 2012 the UAW International Executive Board, set a goal to get 25% of our members Nation-wide, signed up for Give Me 5. Once again, Region 2-B has reason to be proud of another accomplishment! At the 2013 National CAP Conference, Region 2-B was recognized for exceeding the 25% goal. I was incredibly proud and humbled to accept the award on your behalf.

Congratulations to all Region 2-B members who are signed up for G-5!

We are leading the effort in the UAW and that is certainly cause to be proud, but having 1 in every 4 members signed up, really means we have 3 out of every 4 members who could be better informed. Let's change the name of this program in Region 2-B. Let's call it "Get 5". Let's all sign up 5 more members. It is a lofty goal, but let's strive to be at 100%.

I thank you for all you do for our members, our Union, and our movement. We have a great team and together we can accomplish much.

Region 2-B Director, Ken Lortz receiving top Gimme 5 awards in 2012

Thank you!
In Solidarity,

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